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Custom Project Samples

YACHTAIR PRODUCTS® Is your go to source for custom, unique, ... equipment.

Underwater Chiller

Custom Chiller built for Aquarius Underwater Habitat to be fitted in a pressure vessel and lowered 60 feet to the sea floor where the unit will run air conditioning, refrigeration, and de-humidification for scientists and crew performing research saving our oceans.

60,000 BTU Pool Heater

Salt air was causing conventional pool heaters to rot away in no time for a group of pools situated next beside the Atlantic ocean. Using our standard cupro-nickle seamless condensing coils, this pool heater was designed to pull the heat from the the same ocean giving the earlier problems and heat the saltwater pools. This new unit can now be installed inside a pump room, along with its marine grade 316L stainless steel construction, will provide many years of service.

Custom Air Handlers

Along with our line of standard air handlers, we are your source for custom air handlers. Whether making units narrower, shorter, remote water valves, remote blowers, ceiling mount, or any number of modifications we can build in house for your needs.

Keg Cooler

Air cooled small scale self contained refrigerated seawater system(RSW) built to  to chill a glycol or salt brine bath of liquid for immersing ether kegs of beer or individual drinks in a shallower container. Eliminating the need to order and shuttle ice to drink vendors during an event.

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​Beers Group is the manufacture of the YACHTAIR PRODUCTS® line, which includes multi-stage chillers, standard and custom air handlers, direct expansion units, refrigerated seawater, custom ice machines, among many other custom applications.  Our service operations have full access to our fabrication facility to enable us to provide a level of custom service that is unmatched.
To schedule a service visit or estimation, contact us at: (954) 524-6767 or e-mail
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