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Chilled Water Air Handler

YACHTAIR PRODUCTS® Air handlers are constructed of 316L stainless steel construction and hardware with all seams heliarc welded, providing the units with the mass to eliminate vibration without the need of special mounting fixtures. The condensation pan is a full two inches deep and equipped with two drains to insure drainage and prevent overflow in rough seas. Units incorporate high velocity split capacitor blower motors lowering amperage draw while providing high volume of air flow. Blowers and drip pans are fully insulated to prevent sweating while deadening noise.

Every air handler is designed for maximum performance from the smallest footprint allowing units to be mounted where space is available under a berth, a settee, or in a locker. With insulated ducting carrying air to the zone to be cooled.

Our modular line of chilled water air handlers can easily be fitted with a modular electric heater and/or UV germicidal light between the blower and coil. Air handlers can be configured with down discharge blowers for ceiling mount applications.

YACHTAIR PRODUCTS® Air handlers are available in a wide range of standard sizes and configurations and can be custom built to most application. Contact factory to discuss options.
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