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YACHTAIR PRODUCTS® chilled water units are a culmination of years of experience building and designing equipment. Utilizing all 316L stainless steel construction and hardware, extruded seamless fluted cupronickel condenser coils, along with other corrosion resistant materials all come together to provide equipment that will provide years of trouble free operation.

By utilizing large extruded cupronickel condenser coils all units 6-ton (72,000 BTU) and smaller incorporate a non-manifold condenser providing a smoother transition of water to a large single condenser.

Equipped with industry proven high efficiency low starting torque scroll compressors with CPVC safe PVE oil. Stainless steel plate evaporators with multiple safeties including low pressure control, flow switches, and mechanical freeze protection preventing freeze conditions.

Chiller provided with two inch deep drain pans constructed from 12 gauge 316L stainless steel will insure any condensation collected will not leave the pan.
Marine Chilled Water Chiller
YACHTAIR PRODUCTS® chilled water systems comprise of one or more chiller units staged to cycle on and off as the cooling load of the vessel requires. When this is performed using our standard electronic temperature control, each unit monitors its own safety’s including high pressure, low pressure, flow switch, mechanical freeze protection, outlet water temperatures, each chiller unit maintains 100% independent operation for the utmost reliability.

Chillers units are available in sizes ranging from 2-ton to 20-ton, multiple units can be manifolded together to achieve the required cooling capacity for any size vessel.

All units are built with 3-phase compressors and paired with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) allowing power input to be either 3-phase or 1-phase 50hz or 60hz. While providing the safety of low voltage, high voltage, and phase protection built into the drives along with many programmable features. Units can be built to accommodate all voltage, frequency, and phase inputs.

Custom units available, contact factory to discuss options.
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