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Hold Over Plates

Each and every hold over plate is designed to your individual box layout and application, allowing for maximum hold over while maintaining the best space efficiency.

Utilizing construction of heavy gauge stainless steel with stainless steel flare fitting welded to the hold over plate, with a proven copper coil configuration that utilizes maximum length of tubing in relation to the size of plate, and our FDA approved safe non-caustic eutectic solution. Results in the fastest possible uniform freezing of our plates.

Hold over plates are sized to match the heat load calculation of the box based of several factors including size, insulation, use, and desired temperature. Temperatures of hold over plates are set at 26° for refrigerator and 0° for freezer. A 10° to 15° temperature difference between the hold over plate and box temperature is expected.

For applications were multiple condensing units are desired, dual coil hold over plates are available.

All stainless steel hold over plates will maintain their internal and external integrity with a bright, easy-to-clean finish year after year even in the harshest marine environment.
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