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Water Cooled Condensing Unit

YACHTAIR PRODUCTS® water cooled refrigeration condensing units are specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of a shipboard refrigeration system.


Constructed of all 316L stainless steel hardware with a new vertical construction featuring the condenser coil mounted below the compressor and receiver. Offering the smallest available foot print to conserve shelf space.


An extruded fluted cupronickel water cooled condenser coil provides increased performance over air cooled models, while allowing the unit to be mounted virtually anywhere with little consideration to air flow or temperature.


Condensing units utilize as standard equipment low temperature compressors, large four pound receivers, high and low pressure switches, allowing them to operate a large range of evaporators including hold over plates, refrigerated seawater systems, forced air systems, static evaporators, and wrapped liner boxes. When the application calls for more than one box, depending on sizing, a single unit can power multiple boxes even at different temperatures. Units are also available with medium and high temperature compressors to meet any application.


All units are provided with a large liquid line refrigerant drier to remove any contaminants that are in the system to prevent damage. Moisture indicating sightglass to monitor refrigerant charge within the system

Water Cooled Condensing Unit Marine Refrigeration
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