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FX Touch Display

Introducing the new FX Touch Control, the smartest and easiest control for your cabin control needs. It has a user friendly. 2.5” color, touch screen and is designed for use with direct expansion, reverse cycle air conditioning systems or with chilled water air handlers. It supports both the FX-1 and FX-2 families of control boards. The FX Touch Control has numerous unique features previously unavailable in any other control display in the marine HVAC industry.

The FX Touch Control is designed to be completely customizable and lets you choose the information you want to have displayed on your home screen. It walks the user step by step through the entire set up you can even chose the color you want. When not in active mode it can display a standard image or customizable text or logos. It gives a full text description of fault and troubleshooting procedures. A date and time of each fault is maintained in the history. Non-volatile memory ensures the control maintains all settings and configurations indefinitely.

Control Display Features:
  • User friendly 2.5” touch screen display requires no manual for basic operation
  • Provides the most operational features and modes of any cabin control in the industry
  • Fits Vimar® Eikon and Eikon EVO bezels
  • Built-in inside air temperature sensor
  • Date/Time Clock use with Program Scheduler (w/ battery backup)
  • Advanced system status screen and 500-entry, time stamped fault code history log
  • Adjustable brightness, color schemes, and customizable sleep screen logo
  • Unique keypad lock, commission procedure, and cleaning mode features
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