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Forced Air Refrigeration

For cooling large areas anywhere from 45°F to -30°F with minimum horsepower and cost where a generator is in operation, Forced Air Refrigeration is the system for you.

Forced Air Refrigeration utilizes an evaporator with a compact arrangement of finned tube coils housed in an aluminum enclosure with fans providing continuous air flow over the finned coil surface. Air in the area is circulated through the finned tube coil where the refrigerant removes the heat and moisture from the air to be dissipated by the condensing unit, returning cold dry air into the space.

Available in many different sizes and configurations, we are sure to have an evaporator to fit your space requirement and intended usage. Where needed, multiple evaporators can be utilized with a single condensing unit.

With temperature applications below 34°F frost will eventually build on the finned coils resulting in decreased heat transfer and reduced airflow. This is solved with an electric defrost cycle that is activated by a programmable defrost time.
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